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Marino Bay Advantages

Distribution Capability Advantage: Marino Bay has a distribution capability that includes all of North America as we are strongest in the US Market, as well as accounts with some major retailers in Canada and Europe.

Sales Force Advantage: The Marino Bay Sales Force consists of nine in-house direct sales people as well as manufacturer's representative groups throughout the North America and Europe.

Product Development Advantage: Marino Bay has a Product Development Team including an Art Director and 4 graphic artists and seasoned merchandisers located in the Arcadia Office. Marino Bay is always on the cutting edge of using new applications in product and creating items that work with today's interest as well be it adding pockets to garments to fit ipod's or cell phones and such as consumers today see the added value of small details in products more than ever.

Quality Control Advantage: The fact that we own the factories mean that the thousands of employees that Marino Bay has working at these factories can take a much more vested interest in making sure every item is at the highest quality and maintain product consistency.

Financial Advantage: Marino Bay is very well financed and in today's still tough economic climate many manufactures are downsizing while Marino Bay is looking to expand.

The Experience Advantage: Marino Bay's owners holds these roots in apparel manufacturing for many decades even dating back through the 1940's and this experience in producing and delivering these quality goods has thus made Marino Bay a form of a bench mark for other companies in how manufacturing should be done.