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Executive Bios

Myron Wang - CEO – Founder – Owner

As the founder and CEO of Marino Bay Sportswear, a well respected veteran in fashion business, Mr. Myron Wang started his Apparel business in the early decade of 1980. His family holds their roots in apparel manufacturing for many decades even dating back through the 1940’s and this experience in producing and delivering these quality goods has thus made Marino Bay Sportswear a form of a bench mark for other companies.

With his rich experience and high passion of quality fashionable merchandise, he sets out to put together a team of highly experienced and motivated individuals as he likes to refer to as partners in the business. Myron has ushered Marino Bay Sportswear through a myriad of challenges, established and developed one of the most admired import resources in terms of merchandise direction, product quality, and most importantly customer relationships, which ranges from JC Penney, to Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club and all the way up to the Saks Group.

Wendy Chen - Executive Vice President - CFO – Owner

Wendy has served as Marino Bay Sportswear Chief Financial Officer since 1994. And prior to this, she had been with Han Foong as the CFO since 1989. Her responsibility is for accounting, financial analysis, treasury, tax, and audit. She also leads the facilities and operations teams. More importantly, Wendy's common sense decision making and tenaciousness in dealing with suppliers has led to the company's sustained profitability.

Hank Maerlender - Sr. Vice President - Sales / Marketing

Hank joined Marino Bay since 1997, after a long career at Levi Strauss & CO. as VP Sales special markets. He has a style of letting his management team makes their own decisions by understanding that the company has certain parameters it needs to meet. This seems to be working as the growth continues in double digits.

Dick Slotnick - Sr. Vice President - Production / Distribution

Dick was appointed to the position of VP Production / Distribution since 1994. He has over 35 years of experience in both the retail and wholesale markets. This knowledge along with a tireless work ethic has made Marino Bay Sportswear one of the most enviable resources in the market with high quality merchandise and on time delivery performance.

Barry Abrams - Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Joined Marino Bay Sportswear for 12 years, Barry has developed many strong relationships with specialty and department stores in the Metropolitan New York market and East coast. Barry continues to expand his business in his region and maintains his existing accounts with professionalism.

Marty Lynch - Central Regional Sales Manager

Joined Marino Bay since 1999, Marty's vast knowledge of the Central States Region comes from years of working for a major outdoor sporting goods manufacture. This knowledge brought to Marino Bay Sportswear a previously untapped market of highly successful stores where there was no previous retail presence.

Robert Maerlender - Director of Merchandising / Design

A graduate of Syracuse University in Architecture and Graphic Design, Robert brings a unique and fresh approach to the marketing of Marino Bay Product in the marketplace. With his vast knowledge of marketing trends, color and use of imagination, Robert is a highly valued employee of Marino Bay Sportswear.

John Rush - Western Regional Sales Manager

As Marino Bay western regional sales manager, John has many years great relationship with some of the largest retailers in the Western States. After joined Marino Bay Sportswear, he is responsible for developing and maintaining the major accounts in Western coast.

Charles Bronstein – National Sales Manager Special Markets

Charles great success in sales led to an early retirement. After about a year in retirement, his need to re-enter the workplace due to boredom led him to Marino Bay Sportswear. At the time we were looking for a particular individual to service special markets and Charles has filled that position admirably.