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Corporate owned:

Marino Bay

Men's and Women's Sportswear, Active wear, Outerwear, Bottoms and Shorts under the Marino Bay Label or as a Store Direct Private Label resource Sportswear to include Woven and Knit Tops of all types of Fabrications. Active wear of Natural and High Tech Fabrics. Outerwear for Sportswear, Workwear, Outdoor and Active markets of all fabrications which includes water resistant products. Casual Pants and Shorts in Twill, Canvas, Denim, Sheeting, Fleece, Nylon and other fabrics.


Our brand is suited to the male and female market, ages 16 to 40 years. It emphasizes fit, fashion and unique laundering finishes that appeal to the younger demographic.


Gianfranco Ruffini

This highly sought after boutique quality of dress bottoms combine fine tailoring, high fashion and the finest fabrications in the market today offering the consumer a truly one of a kind trouser.

Zylos By George Machado

Zylos by George Machado is the perfect compliment to our Gianfranco Ruffini Trouser Line. It offers high fashion woven and knit tops utilizing fabrications of Pima Cotton, Mercerized Cotton and other fine high quality fabrics that appeal to even the most discriminating consumer.