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About Marino Bay

Marino Bay Sportswear/Han Foong (USA) was founded in 1985 as an apparel company who worked as contractors for many years making goods for domestic importers and manufactures. In 1992, JC Penney was made aware of the high quality of Han Foong and thus the division Marino Bay Sportswear was established and created our private label business, which today ranges from JC Penney who is still a major customer, to Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club and all the way up to the Saks Group.

Marino Bay is a full line manufacturer of all versions of quality as our customer list which is vast, has us working with mass market retailers as well as high end department stores. Producing High Quality products, no matter what the level of distribution is always most important to Marino Bay.

The company’s growth has put us into a position to own two large factories with one in Mongolia and one in China. We also remain to work with dozen’s of factories in the United States that we have key relationships with working on our products as well to fill high end demand.

The original founders, Myron Wang and CFO Wendy Chen continue to own and operate the business and have grown to be respected by all the major retailers in business.

Marino Bay’s head office and distribution center is located in about an hour outside of Los Angeles in Arcadia, CA in 75,000 sq/ft building we own. Marino Bay has sales offices at Boston MA, Rochester NY, Showroom in New York City, as well as branch offices in Oslo Norway and Shanghai China.